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Lesley is Jennifer’s go-to person for any questions you might have related to property operations. With your quarterly distributions, an accompanying property report is available as well. It gives you a snapshot of the property and its high-level operations for that quarter. Lesley works with her team directly to create these reports and provide a market update as well. Feel free to let Jennifer know if you’d like any clarification on these reports at any time.

Lesley Brice began her real estate career more than 20 years ago, she has broad experience in the multi-family housing industry as she has served in a wide variety of roles in real estate development, investment, asset management, short-term housing and condominium conversion and excelled in them all.

She holds a Broker’s license and currently sits on the Arizona Multi-housing Association’s (AMA) Board of Directors as Chairman Emeritus. As a leader in the Multi-housing industry, Lesley believes in the value of education and provides challenging opportunities to her employees. Lesley is a passionate educator and has spoken at several Rich Dad TM educational events. She has also served as a delegate to the National Apartment Association (NAA).

Lesley’s properties and employees have been recognized as finalists and winners of NAA and AMA Awards and under her leadership, MC Companies has been recognized as one of the Top Places to Work in Arizona for three consecutive years.  During her chairmanship, the AMA won a prestigious Paragon award for their Apartment Careers program.

She too has a giving heart and puts her full effort into helping her MC family give back to the community.  Her support of The Sharing the Good Life Foundation allows the property management team to enjoy opportunities to get involved.  She is personally involved in Autism Speaks, SARRC, Cystic Fibrosis, UMOM’s Big Hearts for Little Hands campaigns and sits on the NAA Corporate Responsibility committee.

Lesley is a visionary entrepreneur with a genuine sense of ownership and pride for the properties she oversees and the culture that makes MC Companies great.

Our mission is to acquire sound, profitable real estate investments and manage them to the benefit of those we serve better than anyone in our industry.

Our vision is to serve our employees, investors, customers, and communities by Sharing the Good Life.

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